Hi, I’m Jessica Purbrick and I’m dabbling in the world of tweens.

Tweens Between is an irregular journey into my life bringing up two tweens – an inner city basketball player and a soulful social justice seeker. It’s a very personal journey of which some I have chosen to share. This blogging journey began with my 10 year old son and a smattering from his seven year old brother.

Three years later, I now live with a 14 year old kicking his life into gear far away from inner city Melbourne and the stretch of an 11 year old that keeps on asking questions.

My background is marketing and communication with a history of research – my work is filled with the facts of research and a solid amount of experience. Confronting the daily face of a tween has been unexpected in its veracity – this in-between time from child to teenager has led me to seek counsel that research has not as yet developed.

The little that is written about tweens is prescriptive and very much based on lack of trust and responsibility. I wish my tweens to have the freedom to be themselves, take risks and to find out what is the right thing to do. It is only with this daring that I believe my boys will grow into the teenagers and young men that are thoughtful and kind in a world that is starting to show cracks at the edge.



July 2016