The Chill of Winter – week 76

It’s mid-winter in Melbourne.

We’ve had bursts of sunshine followed by the blast of the Antarctic. The neat rows of weatherboard houses in the neighbourhood are looking forlorn as the dullness reflects the pale grey of concrete.

It’s a tough time of year to keep the sparkle glittering to counter the lethargy of winter.

In our house however two new teenagers have arrived. This change of dynamic has put the spring into the sodden sponge of school shoes.

One from the US and one from Japan. Changing up the dynamics from two to four : the power play of two 17 year olds, one 16 and the youngest at 14.

And the food. Keeping up with so much consumption is a huge task. Filling after-school empty bellies that rack out the fridge and strip bare the bread bin.

Early morning packing of lunchs: tiffins lined up in neat rows. Sandwiches, dumpings, biscuits, fruit, yoghurt and treats. So much fuel is required everyday.

What does this all mean to life for the teens? It is a time of calmness and good behaviour. It’s a time of bravado for Teen One to keep up the tough appearance.

It’s a time of intense sharing for Teen Two as he hands over 50% of his bedroom space.

All love

Jessica x

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