The importance of bananas – week 74

By the time my boys are brave enough to have sex, they will be experts at putting condoms on bananas.

With two teenagers in the house, I’m having some funny conversations about sex, disease, and consent. And the best tool in the house? A banana…


Bananas are one of the greatest fruits to hit the kitchen bench. Not only are these yellow delights wrapped hygienically in its skin, but the humble banana is also a clever parenting tool for teenage “show and tell”.

A demonstrator at heart, I found myself asking for advice in the local pharmacy about condoms, lubricants and dental dams. Choice has come along nicely since my time —long ago—as a single woman so it was great to get comfortable with the new offerings. I settled on the party mix for flavour, texture, and leopard.

Fortunately, it was a Friday and the bananas were looking tired after a week on the bench. With the boys trickling home from school, it was the perfect segue from the school week to the weekend.

The bananas were pushed and pulled and generally took a beating, yet all ended well with a neat row of consenting wrapped bananas.

Definitely an Instagram moment with special thanks to Australian banana growers.

All love

Jessica xxii

Jessica Purbrick-Herbst
31 October 2018


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