Being a resilient parent – week 73

Resilience. It’s a word that is used daily at school, in parenting groups and cafes.

As parents and teachers, we’re keen to ensure our children are resilient to the daily twaddle that might come their way.

Bounce back, stand-up, speak out – the words used to encourage our teens to thrive and not merely survive the playground and the crack of time in the growing up years.

What about us? How resilient are we to the daily grind of life? As parents we are hammered. If it’s not our children, other parents, it could be work.

A few months ago I was unexpectedly made redundant. This came totally out of the blue and sent me sideways as the ramifications of someone else’s decision impacted me. I lost my amazing team who were scattered across the organisation and I lost my identity as a working mom.

We have a rule in our house. When faced with disappointment, you’re allowed 24 hours to mope before pulling up your knickers and getting on with life.

I gave myself that grace; yet the first day of unemployment opened up a whole week that was empty. I had no idea how I was going to fill that time (and the months that follow) whilst getting up each morning and showing my family the resilient, tough stuff I am made of.

This is the time I need to show my teens that we can bounce back when life takes a sudden unexpected turn. This is the time of silver linings.

All love

Jessica xxii

PS. I find silver linings in every situation and my first week of unemployment was no different. To find out more about creating new opportunities for myself, gearing up my career and having fun, then follow me on Instagram.

I have a tribe. I am exceptionally fortunate to be married to an amazingly supportive husband who has the inert ability to pick me up when I’m feeling ragged. I also have a career coach and incredibly loving children, parents and friends.

Jessica Purbrick-Herbst
August 2018


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