Starting out – week 61

The school holidays are coming to an end and the Tween is about to launch into his first year of secondary school. It’s an exciting time for all of us. In the throws of this excitement, number two child has kicked over from child to tween – there are now two in a house of two! And it’s catching on.

Despite their tween antics, the boys do have a sense of humour. My christmas gifts were a pile of books from Tricky Teens to believe in yourself (with a few 1950’s themed “homemaker craft” books thrown in). A mixed message of “save me from myself” and “learn to sew”? I’m thinking we’re all going to be learning lots this year.

Holiday reading

Holiday reading from the Tweens

With Tricky Teens tucked in my bag alongside The Third Space, the coming weeks will open new thoughts and possibilities as we jointly take this parenting and tween pathway.

I think my biggest challenge this year will be balancing the stretching boundaries of Tween One with the nurturing that he needs. And the resilience of both of us to get through the ups, downs and carousel we have landed on in 2015.  With Tween Two coming online – its adding another fun ball into the mix.

I’m strong in the knowledge that I’m not alone in following the parenting journey…

in the library





26 January 2015

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