It’s over – week 60

It’s over. Seven years of primary (junior) school ended on a bright sunny Wednesday afternoon.

On the way out the school gate, the Tween got to say goodbye to one of the most influential teachers in his 12 years of learning. MrsQ stepped into the Tweens life when he was five, entering prep year (kindergarten). She taught him so many life long skills – from the obvious (counting, reading, social) but importantly a connectivity to a community beyond his family.


MrsQ with the Tween

It’s these outside family influences that will leave our tweens, teens and young adults in good stead as they face the world.

Having hung around the same primary school for seven years – there’s been tears and laughter, with way too much time in the principals office – moving on from this community has made me reflect on the dimensions that have become so important.  Most parents recognise that no schooling is perfect; that often the battles seem pointless and primitive – however what we do see is the stretching and growing of young children in small safe ponds. By pushing boundaries and making mistakes, not only do our children gain the gift of resilience we too as parent learn to trust in our child’s ability to bounce back and become the amazing tweens they are.

As we head into the week of Christmas and New Year, I wish you all a safe and prosperous time. Families and tweens can be challenging however by sticking together as a community that shares kindness, thoughts and a pathway beyond the drowning of everyday, we can make it through. I leave this year knowing that we can all go beyond being kind to show great kindness to others.

All love from my family to yours.


From my family to yours








20 December 2014

PS. As we head into 2015 and all the fun that the first year of high school will bring the Tween, I have placed a “jar of joy” on the shelf; I hope you do too.

Comments are always welcome. Please be mindful 
however that words can enlighten or dishearten.

One thought on “It’s over – week 60

  1. Wow, best of luck with a whole new phase in your life. I think I’ll be a bit of a blubbering wreck when my kids finish primary school, but sounds like you’re dealing with it very well. Love your blog.


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