September spring – week 54

I’ve been reading up on tweens this week and what I am learning is there is so much “advice” about hiding, spying and generally looking from behind bushes at what our tweens might be doing. Be it time on the internet (put in locks, passwords, firewalls), or hanging out on the way home from school (network of parents who sms tween sightings). Even worse is the prescriptive parenting guide (do 1,2,3 to be your tweens best friend)!

Me? There’s no prescription in our house. As the parent of a tween, I relish in the haphazardness of our craziness – of finding our pathway through the sometime blinding fog to glorious sunshine. We work off trust (that is often broken), independence (that can be disappointing) or love (that never wavers).

This week I have watched my son push and stretch his way through the days. I have taken delight in his confidence some days and then felt heart-aching pain at his down self-talk. Of the nights when he yells and screams at me and then wants to hug his way back into my uterus…

The fluctuating emotions are difficult to handle. The ups and downs seem so unpredictable – walking in the door may open a delicious end of the day conversation or a thunderstorm of gloom.

But this is our journey of love, hope, laughter and a few hidden tears from me. It is a journey of survival and stories of the future.

All love



1 September 2014

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4 thoughts on “September spring – week 54

  1. Wow! I’m glad I never read up this ‘advice’ about spying on your tweens. My tween and nearly tween are still very much at home with me, so no need for spying. They are calm most of the time, although my 10 year old boy occasionally gets upset by things that wouldn’t have bothered him in the post.
    Thanks for sharing with the Britmums teen and tween round-up.

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    • Hi Sarah – thanks for including my journey in Britmums round-up. I am amazed at the number of 1-3 steps in managing tweens out there in the ether. I think perhaps parents have become accustomed to relating to the business world and have transfered this logic to parenting….!


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