It’s August – week 53

It began over a year ago, although the exact moment is hard to pinpoint. There were the looks, the anger, the sudden tears. 

I was taken by surprise. Who or what is this person? How did our little boy become this pin cushion of prickles?

A year later, I am no better off understanding what is happening to our son. All I know is that from 9 – 13 there is this new phase, something that didn’t exist in the 1980’s. 

Known as the tweens, its the growing phase from child to teenager. It is hard for parents to understand and I can only imagine how hard it is for our children.

This is my story, my pathway and adventure, about my son and his journey that at times appears to take us down.

Each week I plan to learn and write about what worked and what failed – and perhaps this just might provide other parents with some hope and light in a dark tunnel that is not a train coming towards them but their amazing incredible children returning.

All love



August 2014

Comments are always welcome. Please be mindful however that your words
can enlighten or dishearten.

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